Beauty & Fashion Diaries of Tanya 001

Relax. Just breathe. You will be ok!

I’m a newcomer to the world of Beauty and Fashion, but have always had a love and admiration for it. Every month I will grab the Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour or Marie Claire of the rack at my local supermarket to read the latest trends and for some much needed inspiration. Vogue is little different to get a hold of you, due to geographical misplacement. Thank heavens for online Vogue.

Wishing that my budget will be able to afford all these wonderful products and clothing that catch my eye, however my solution for that collect as the months ago by, one or two items at a time.

But let us get back to the point here. I finally decided to put my love for into place and start this journey journal on my road to making my love for Beauty and Fashion a success.

How will I be doing this?

Attending a variety of makeup, photography and fashion courses to start building a foundation for myself and sharing what I learned on my journey and new tricks I have learned. I will be looking into study Bachelor of Visual Art starting 2018. The plan is laid out, time to put it into action. I will be focusing a large amount of research work and writing reviews on them. Just so you know what to expect from this blog/journal.

So I have ordered some fashion and beauty books online to start this up…Not telling you their names just yet. However as I read each chapter, I’ll grab my keyboard and put my thoughts into words.
My main role models in the Fashion and Beauty Industry consist of Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung.

Why Victoria Beckham?

“I was never a natural. I got there in the end because I did believe that if you work hard enough, then you can achieve a lot”

“I’ve never been a six-foot-tall, skinny model, so therefore, I want to create an illusion. People always think I’m taller than I am – not just because of the shoes I wear but because of the way I dress. It’s all relatively streamlined”

Her quotes pretty much says it all and I love how she is all about women empowerment and loves to share her beauty and fashion tips with us.

Why Alexa Chung?

“I think it’s every girl’s dream, a little bit, to be a model because it seems from the outside to be a glamorous industry and I was really into fashion, and I remember just being excited and wanting to be part of that.”

“I grew up in a miniature village in the middle of the countryside in England, quite secluded from the outside world. I was always enamoured by the fashion industry.”

See not matter where you come from or how big your dream is. If you work hard you will achieve your greatest desire. Also have faith, determination and work hard and everything will fall into place.

So my journey starts here today. Writing this first piece and taking the first step to reach my goal.

This week I’ll be buying a few of my favourite beauty products and share as to why I love each one and keep using them.

Quick Low down about me:

Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Drink: Chococino or Coffee
Favourite Exercise: Kettlebell Swing, Deadlift, Sumo Touchdowns
Favourite Iconic Actress: Grace Kelly
Beauty Must Have’s: Eau De Parfum, Mascara, Eyebrow Gel, Foundation Mousse & Lip Balm
Favourite Skincare Range: Freeman Feeling Beautiful

Think that is enough for now 

Till next time

Tanya xx

Welcome Back

2017 has been anything but boring, in my opinion quite roller coaster ride.

Having moved to a new place away from anyone I know and starting a new job, I found myself a little, well very scared and nervous. However, it has turned out to be an amazing experience and many valuable memories made.

From hiking mountains, to rowing on rivers and of course sport touring, I have found I have grown as a person and have become stronger.

Yes, we are scared when it comes to changes, but sometimes change is what we need to helps as grow and learn a new lesson.

Don’t be afraid, embrace the moment and give it all you got.!!

Now back to the blog…

I can finally start updating again


This product is amazing.  Marc Anthony did an amazing job with this range. My hair feels softer and is incredibly healthy. My hair is more manageable and I barely struggle with split ends. I will definitely recommeded this product.  Another pro it sulfate free!! Whoop Whoop!!

So basically I will being doing some reviews on products as I start using new ones and some overall tips on Health, Beauty, Fashion & Fitness.

My next review will be one Eau De Parfum 🙂

My 4 Favourite Exercises

Drum rolls please (the sound of drum rolls in the background)

*Sumo Touchdowns

*Kettlebell Swing


*Weighted lunges

I find myself to get bored very easily when it comes to exercising and having to do so many exercises to make sure every muscle group has had a good session at the gym. Though these above exercises I have mentioned may not work all the necessary muscle groups, but they work enough to know I have done full session and my extremities are trying to run away from my torso and torso is still recovering from the burning feeling of my abs to even try and have tug of war with the extremities. Here is the low down on why I love these four beauties and their benefits

1. Sumo Touchdowns

I had difficulty getting to gym and was looking for something that could blast that fat, break a sweat, improve cardio, muscle endurance and strengthen my muscles all in one. I recently worked in at DVD and CD store and came across the fitness section, where I found none other than Jillian Michaels ‘Killer Body, 3 30-minute workouts to blast fat (Get firm buns & thighs, rock hard abs and toned back, shoulders and arms)’, and I immediately invested in it. I just watched it the first time to see what it involved, even that made me feel like I was in for it and sweating. Involving a 3 part workout: Lower Body, Upper Body and Body Core, I went with body core one day and came across the ‘Sumo Touchdowns’. I immediately fell in love with it. You start in the sumo squat position and with a dumbbell in each hand arms hanging at either side or arms behind your head. Keeping the upper body up straight and moving from side to side crunching the hips while keeping your abs tight. Trust me; I felt it burn my stomach, my glutes, my quadriceps and hamstrings. I loved the fact that it crunches my hips and finally felt like the love handles were getting some work down. It was love at first burn if that made any sense.  Want to the benefit of the Sumo Touchdowns from what I experienced. Here they are…

*It shapes the glutes and Inner Thighs

*Tones the abdominal muscles

*Trims those hips

2. Kettlebell Swings

During my time of studying Bachelor of Sport Science, I did two-year Strength & Conditioning Apprenticeship. I learned many valuable lessons such as the importance of strength training, functional training and the wonderful world of the ‘Kettlebell’ from its’ Goblet Squat to its’ Kettlebell Swing. The Kettlebell is must equipment that one should invest in. Though learning the technique of the Kettlebell Swing is a real teaser once you’ve got it, it is a real blast. You will find that at the beginning of learning this exercise most people fully depending on the arms to complete this exercise, which to come to the point is wrong, your arms work more as the stabiliser rather than muscle at work. This exercise comes from using your hips to complete it. Pushing your hips forward, tightening your glutes and straightening your hamstrings as you come up. The best way to describe on how to do this exercise: imagine your hips are the hinges of a door. The reason why I love this exercise and its benefits

*To put it in simple form glutes, core, shoulders, quadriceps and hamstrings. It works them all!!!

*Great for burning fat and trimming those hips.

3. Deadlift

I had been struggling with lower back pain for a long time due to bad posture. During the apprenticeship my boss had me read Pavel Tsatsouline’s ‘Power to the People’ where I was introduced to the world to strength training, its’ protocol and of course the Deadlift. He had us design a program using only two exercise: the deadlift and the shoulder press. My struggles were over. The Deadlift had strengthen my core, which helped improved my overall posture and therefore ridding me of my constant lower back pain. I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulder. Not only did it improve my posture, but it toned my glutes, inner thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, core muscles, arms and strengthen my back. Let us not forget the fact that it burn calories like crazy and therefore burns the fat. This exercise works both the upper body and lower body which is why I love it. The benefits are pretty much explained in this paragraph.

4. Weighted Lunges

As great as squats are, don’t get me wrong. I love the benefits that I gain from lunges especially when adding to dumbbells for extra resistant and force to work against. More results!. I feel the lunges work the muscle groups where I need to lose some serious fat. Kimberly Caines wrote on “the benefits of lunges: 1. Strengthen Your Buttocks and Legs – working your glutes and quadriceps while engaging your hamstrings. 2. Improve Your Core Strength – in order to complete lunges correctly you have to engage your core muscles – including back and abdominal to keep upright and balanced when moving your hips up and down and everyone knows the importance of a strong core for daily activities, as she mentions relieves lower back pain, improves your balance, posture, stability and athletic performance. 3. Improve Hip Flexibility – Improving your hip flexors, the muscles that use to bend or flex your legs at your hips, doing a lunge help hip flexors to stretch which help solves the tightened hip flexors problem and once again triggers lower back pain” Kimberly Caines pretty much hits the spot as to why lunges are so important.


Understand now why I love these four exercises? Of course you can’t only perform just these exercises for an overall program to gain results, but they are exercises that you should consider in workout routine for the ultimate result. There wonderful benefits not only shape and tone you but improve overall body lifestyle especially your back!


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Cosin’ Up To Fitness, Beauty & Fashion

BlogCosing Up To Fitness , Beauty & Fashion

What You Will Need

  • Notebook and Pen

  • Sticky Notes

  • Comfy clothing and Couch

  • Favorite TV series or movie

  • Favorite Latest Fitness, Beauty and Fashion Magazine

  • Cup of coffee or tea

  • Cellphone

The ultimate ‘recovery’ day to unwind and find some new inspiration. I want to picture it at the moment with the above ‘ingredients’ I have just given you to make this successful. Picturing what I’m picturing?

Here is what I’m picturing…

Friends TV series popped into the DVD player, after all Rachel Green had an amazing fashion sense. My warm cup of coffee cupped in my hands, the first sip. Delicious!. Next I’m grabbing my phone for the latest updates on Instagram and checking any latest fashion, beauty and health advice from the Queen of Fashion: Victoria Beckham. Seriously her advice is amazing, definitely one of my heroes I would love to meet. 90s girl can never forget Spice Girls. Updates done and dusted. Onto Part Two…

Part Two

Notebook, pen and sticky notes at the ready. Grabbing this month’s Marie Claire SA, Elle SA, Women’s Health SA, and the SA Premiere Fitness Magazine featuring Fitness Icon Michelle Lewin. The Inspiration begins as I read through pages. Making little notes on this month’s fashion trends and new exercises to blast that fat to get one step closer to that dreaming about beach summer body. I grab my sticky note to mark the pages of all the must haves, knowing my budget will never cover all this, but ey, a girl can dream right? There are always ways. The part where you start planning comes together. You think to yourself ‘What would Rachel Green do and her Chanel No.5?’

Answer: Be brave, never give up, work hard and baby steps and work your way up to the top.

Anything is possible even the impossible. The Mad Hatter is a wise man and remember he always has his cup of tea at the ready and designing the most extravagant hats.

My recovery day: Taking a step back, breathing, finding some inspiration to drive my motivation back in motion. Ready to take on tomorrow with a bright new start and achieve my goals.

Get where I’m going with this?

It is important to work hard for your goals. However a girl is allowed to relax and recover, so she can be at her best. There is so many ways a girl can find something to inspire her, she just needs to discover what that is. Remember there are many things, not just one.

I shared one of mine. What is one of yours?

Just another adventure of Tanya x.